I want to apologize in advance if this isn't the right section for this post.

I've been trying to play guitar for 2 almost 3 years and I always quit. It is too hard to me, I break strings and I have a Floyd rose bridge (recommended by a friend for beginners lol No way) so it takes time to change them. It would be really awesome to learn songs and even write songs but I don't have the motivation, I've tried to sell my guitars but no one wants them so I keep them covered in a corner, I want to be able to have fun but that's not what is happening when I play. Should I give up or pick it up one last time?
You could buy a cheap nylon or something and see if you get on with that better. Floyds are horrible if you don't know what you're doing. But really if you have an instrument in front of you and you don't feel inspired to pick it up you're probably not the musician type. I don't remember ever wanting to learn to play any instrument, wanting to write music or learn songs or anything like that. I just chose to learn clarinet at school because it was a pretty musical school and it was greatly encouraged, and it stuck. If it's not sticking for you then may as well give up.
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Don't make this harder than it is. Learn the open chord patterns. Learn the C,G,E,D,A chords first. The variants are simple once you learn the basic chords. I think I read somewhere that 90% of Folk songs have 4 chords or less. Don't give up on it...practice the chords slowly, make sure all the notes are ringing. Once you learn the chords and have practiced enough to smoothly switch between them all you need to do is learn some songs. There is no two ways around it...you WILL have to practice to achieve this. Millions of us have gone through it, I'm sure you'll be fine. You have to work though.

Once you can switch between the chords easily you can play "cowboy style". Guitar players know it's easy sauce, but civilians seem fairly impressed by it. I can sit and thump along popping alternating bass lines and the top 3 all day long, and it sounds alright. More complex stuff takes better technique and more practice, naturally. I'd be happy to give you some pointers on playing "cowboy style" if you like. Really easy stuff, especially the way I do it.

No offense but a noob player should not be dicking around with a Floyd Rose tremelo. Get a simple, honest acoustic. Or take the tremelo off your current guitar. You'll want something with low action that is easy and fun to play. Taylor Baby springs to mind immediately.

I improved tremendously after buying Rocksmith 2014 last year. Hadn't played in over a decade and never really "got it" before, anyway. Got a cheap guitar kit from Epiphone along with it and had a blast. Finally got burned out on it and went fingerstyle, but it was a lot of fun and it did help me as a player. This is a good way to learn because it's "kind of" a game, so it's fun...but you are learning to handle a pick, strum properly, etc. I can't recommend it enough for raw players. Plus....great music. Huge DLC list, you can almost assuredly find something you really like. I found tons of stuff by Green Day, for example.
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if you dont enjoy it then dont try to force it

what guitar have you got? my squier has a floyd bridge, but I stuck an extra spring in the back to jam it, so its effectively a fixed bridge now because i had the same problem and it pissed me off. I'll probably get told off for doing it but it worked for me
Hey thank you all for your replies! For the 3 of you who commented don't push it since I don't enjoy it you have a point, I shouldn't force myself to play if I hate the stress. I have an ESP LTD M330RFM if for some reason I can't sell it I will try one more time. Thank you again! Whoever closes threads can close this now if needed
You shouldn't necessarily sell it either though, I'd keep hold of it if I were you, you might change your mind later on and want to give it another go

The first few weeks/months are the hardest btw, but it does get easier if you put in the practice