I have an M-audio fast track kit which I can plug my guitar and mic into to record onto my laptop. However, the software doesn't work with windows 8. Tried downloading a new driver etc, no luck.

I'm gonna buy something new.

All I want is something that I can use to record a song onto my laptop, just me, my guitars, bass, vocals, maybe electric drums. I just want to mess about nothing professional.

Can anyone recommend some half decent kit I could buy? I really am a novice when it comes to recording music and also computers in general to be honest.

Be kind and use small words.


Thanks! They look great, just what I was after. Just seeing if I can get them anywhere in the UK.

Tried those drivers too but no luck:/

Thanks very much
I think those sites will ship to UK if hte price difference is that big.

Look up Thomann and Anderton's, those are the two merchants that I think might also have bundles, or just buy them separately. I'd say these audio cards are pretty decent, so if you can't get the exact mic and headphones, I'd suggest:

headphones: AKG 240MkII
mic: AT2020 condenser mic