Hey all,

got ahold of a friends recording setup for the past couple days. Took advantage of it and recorded some tracks I've had written for a while. Wanted to know what you all thought of them, especially in regards to performance/recording quality. The tracks are currently unmixed and unmastered.


leave a link and I'll c4c


^^^ I included the link to the playlist. If you like the first song, keep listening! All 3 are in quite different styles
It was kinda modern but not too jangly like the trendy indie bands of today, so I enjoyed that it gritted up more. The melodies were strong and when it cleaned up at the end it was a nice tone. Not too much work to get it polished in the mix IMO.

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Frankenstein in A major:

Very jazzy feeling. The producing is very clean, the mix is good, and the recurring ideas give the track a feeling of completeness. I like it, the tones are nice, its a solid piece. I think the lack of drums is a good aspect of the song, but I think it could really benefit from a backing instrument to keep the rhythm pulsating and firm. Maybe some punchy bass?

Rain Gorilla:

Cool track. The drums add nicely to the atmosphere, but I feel again there is a space left in the mix which is in the shape of a bass guitar. The song has a clear and memorable melody, and was overall nice to listen to.

Ocean Breezes:

Sounds very shoegazey. Pleasant track, something to listen to on a beach or something. The melody again is very memorable, and the tones are top notch.

Overall, the tracks are good and memorable. The main thing that I would gripe about is the texture remaining constant throughout, which leaves a bit of wanting for crescendo and decrescendo. But the mix is good, tones are good, and songwriting is very good.

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Thanks so much for the crit!

Frankenstein in A Major - Really great jazz chords. The separate guitar tracks are very well blended and you did a good job at not drowning anything out. Great effects, giving the rhythm guitar a gritty tone was a good decision on this one!

Rain Gorilla - Love how you worked the jazzy guitar/drums to make a powerful rhythm. It lacks a little low-end in the mix, perhaps add some bass guitar? Other than that, very very listenable.

Ocean Breezes - Love the atmosphere on this one. The guitar is very well played and very well mixed. The effects keep the song very fresh and it's very soothing overall.

You brought a very special twist to the indie pop genre with these tracks and you're really talented! The production and mixing are both very clean. Keep it up and I see you going somewhere for sure.
Man, this was way up my alley. I loved the different layers that you used, and the chords wow, really nice work. Some nice vocals on top would really add to the song, I think. I can't say that I love your tone, it works, but with a different tone it could work better in my opinion.

Rain Gorilla:
Nice work greating a groovy rhytthm throughout the song. It's like you're combining elements of jazz, pop and indie into one thing, and it sounds really unique. Awesome job on this one!

Ocean Breezes:
I agree with BeatlesFan that you create a very nie atmosphere in this one. A very well played track that share some of the jazz elements of the former songs, with a kind of surfy nostalgic thing thrown in.

I have to say this was really unique, the songs you've recorded reveals some of your signature, and I have to say that I am a fan. Looking forward to hearing more!

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