Today I have something new for you. I started to think about my new model of electric guitars. I found in my stock really good piece of Mahogany and really beautiful piece of American Walnut. I decided to use this for body. I put Mahogany on the back and Walnut on the top. After cutting the shape of body my girlfriend told me that I can't do just normal guitar with flat top. I told her 'ok so please do something with this'. I didn't expected what will happen. After few hours doing other stuff I came to my workshop and I found this.

What do you think about this. Of course it is not finish yet If you will like this project I would have more questions.
1. I want to install there 2 humbuckers but I don't know yet what models. Any propositions?
2. Mahogany or maple on the neck? Which one will be better?

Thank you very much for every suggestions and hope that together we can make perfect Guitar
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