I've been playing acoustic for about 18 months and I just bought a Squier CV Strat. I also picked up a Marshall MG30CFX amp. I am a total rookie with the electric and just beginning to experiment and find tones. I am having a problem with noise.

Whenever I have the pick up selector in positions 1,3, or 5 (single pick up selections) I am getting a fair bit of noise. It increases as I turn to face the amp. When I have the selector in the 2 or 4 positions I get no noise.

I find that if I am turned in just the right position, with the neck of the guitar pointed just ahead of parallel with the amp I get little or no noise in the 1, 3, or 5 position. I did not experience this problem in the store, and when I plug into my instructor's 10W Fender practice amp I don't have this problem. Same goes for his Mustang 100W. No problem.

For the time being it's not a big deal two stay on the 2 or 4 selections for the pick ups, but I'd like to get this figured out.

I'm sure you might advise to go get a Fender amp, but I'd like to work out what is going on with my Marshall.

I'd really appreciate any advice you can provide.


Johnny V
You've got singlecoil pickups. They pick up mains hum and suchlike, the occasional Greek radio broadcast if you're lucky; it's part of the experience. I get the same through a £700 guitar and a £900 amp. The difference you've observed between different amps is most likely due to location rather than the amps themselves.

Positions 2 and 4 are wired so as to cancel hum; with one singlecoil on its own there's nothing you can really do about it except get a noise gate if it bothers you enough.
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Yeah it's just the nature of single coils. In case the guy above throws you off with his get humbuckers comment it's really a matter of preference. Neither one is inherently better they just produce different tones.
Like said before, single coil pickups get interference. You can minimize this by not standing near other electronics, shielding your pickup cavity, and upgrading your pickups. GFS makes some noiseless pickups, as does Fender and other brands. But since you just got into electric, I think you would be best off just using positions 2 and 4.
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When I was researching my purchase I read about humbuckers and single coil pickups. I guess I get to experience it now. I made my purchase decision on the Strat style really because I found it more comfortable to play. I guess its fine that I still have positions 2 and 4 to work with.

Thanks alot for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Now I can just focus on learning to play the thing.

Johnny V