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Fano JM6
1 33%
Nash JM63
2 67%
Voters: 3.
Hey all! I'm looking at getting a new guitar and am trying to decide between a Fano Jm6 and a Nash JM63. Unfortunately I wont be able to get my hands on one or the other before I buy it. The sounds I'm going for are..The 1975, Colony House, and Kings Kaleidoscope (Basically alternative rock/pop/indie). Money isn't a huge issue either. Thanks!
This is tough because ive never heard of either of those guitars nor have I heard of those musical groups.

My vote is to get a guitar you can play first. Or if you must jump right in, look up YouTube videos of other people playing them and decide from that.
The 63 because of the Jazzmaster pickups are cooler sounding with a great hi fi scooped sound. The soapbars on the 6 are a different beast mid heavy good for vintage rock but not as good for surf or spaghetti western tones.