Up until 4 in the morning
Talking, thinking, drinking
Playing video games
Yelling, shouting, screaming
Not at the screen, but you
Perfect, fantastic, amazing
And at why I can’t have you
So dreadful, feeling mistaken

Let’s get dressed up, all the way to the nines
Look so long and so deep into each other’s eyes
Think for a second that we could have had something
Then live forever, reflecting, regretting, wondering

Wondering what could have been, wanting what should have been
Knowing all too well you should not have gotten underneath my skin
You shouldn't worry about me, I'll be just fine
I'll just worry about you, I'll watch the time

It’s a simple question, why don’t we go out tonight?
You’ll look absolutely perfect and I’ll look alright
Go get ice cream, sit down and watch a movie
But something’s not right, it’s not filled with beauty

Something’s gone amiss, it’s on the tip of my tongue
It’s like you never listened on those nights that I sung
I was at the top of my voice hoping you’re outside my door
Just sitting and waiting for a little bit more

I wanted you to knock, to come in and talk
Instead, you sat, in your room and sulked
I let you know it was fine to come and see me
No matter the time or how you or I were feeling

I don’t want to lose you, it’s not over yet
You said you have forgiven but I know you won’t forget

When you said those four words, my heart just dropped
You said “Well you’re in luck” and my mind just stopped
I was amazed at how someone could be happy with me
But it was never as simple as one two three

I told you that the most important thing to me
Was staying friends no matter what the outcome will be
You went back on that promise, but that was my fault
I never should have got drunk, it’s the worst result

I want to explain myself but to put it into words
Is harder than you think. I wish you could have heard
My rants, my raves about my massive mistakes
And how I messed up big time and have the worst heartache

Heartaches and headaches are what I live with now
Not from the drink but from what you didn't allow
To happen between us and that now you're gone
I need to put it past me, I need to move on

I'm not famous enough to use your name in my song
But until then I guess you have to be no one
You know you're more than that to me, you're more than bad to me
I'm feeling a little bit worse now, I'm never carefree

I knew if I didn’t get drunk I couldn’t have
Slept like I did, I’d be busy thinking of
What I said and what I shouldn’t have done
You know I’m an idiot better than anyone

I don’t want to lose you, it’s not over yet
You said you have forgiven but I know you won’t forget

I said “I’m sorry” but you already know that
After a thousand times, I'm still flat on my back
I was never broken-hearted, I was just teary-eyed
I was wrong to do what I did, I shouldn't have tried

You've driven your decision, without reason, you won't listen
I've made it my mission for you to read what I've written
Until your submission, you'll get used to this repetition
Give me a definition, I'll give you a contradiction

I need to write more words, get my thoughts on paper
You can read my little notes, like "I never meant to break her"
I know that you liked who I was then
Trust me, that's the real me, I'm the one with the pen

I honestly kept thinking I should sort my life out
That was so early on, but now it's no doubt
Young love is not a thing I need to worry about
It’s already passed, so why don't we start again now?

Stay around with me but don't get too close
You made that mistake once a long time ago
We'll be ok once we let the days burn
And once was enough for you to learn

Never talking to you again is always in my nightmares
When I said I completely understand, I had no idea
I never knew what you were going through
You took a future life from me, don't take yours too

I don't want to lose you, it's not over yet
You said you have forgiven but I know you won't forget