I am currently thinking of ways to make a pedalboard that will be lighter weight and more space efficient than the one I have now (which I made a few years ago). One of my considerations is simplifying my channel switcher pedal which takes up way too much space for something so basic. I am thinking about building a switch right into the pedalboard and was wondering if it needs to be in a shielded box at all since it's not actually in the signal path. Kind of a noob question, I know, but I couldn't seem to find a direct answer to my question online elsewhere. Also, to clarify, it's a simple on/off switch.

TLDR version: Can I build my own amp channel switcher pedal in an enclosure that is not metal?
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Anyone? If you could post a "yes it should be shielded" or "no it doesn't need to", I would really appreciate it. I know I could test it out without putting it in anything just to see, but I'd like to know before designing where to put it on the board.
No shielding necessary. You're not passing any signal through it, so there's no need to worry about interference.