Hello, as this is my first post here let me introduce myself: my name is Natalie, I'm advanced electric-guitar player from Poland and I'm looking forward to buying a new guitar

My question is: what would You recommend for me for progressive rock/metal (bands like Tool, Votum, Soen...)? I'm very into Schecter guitars, so I would be truly happy if You came with the advice of buying one of their guitar, but I'm open to any other suggestions regarding other guitar manufacturers. Please, tell my which model(s) would you reccomend!

Thank You in advance!
i personally ended up rocking an epiphone for years tbh. sounded p. nice till i moved on to an ltd. try the epiphone les paul 100. they're (fairly) cheap and sound p. nice.
Hmm so If you were to reccomend a manufacturer you would recommend Epiphone? (not speaking about guitarists' guitars from my favourite bands )
I've heard many negative opinions, that it is overrated etc. Could you tell me what kind of songs (genre, style, additional mods) were you playing? Or is it pretty universal guitar? You know, a smooth clean sound and a writ-large overdrive is what I'm aiming for, I know it's hard to connect these two aspects and a lot depends on amplifier, guitar's construction with all the wood, pickups and stuff do a major job