Check out my band's new demo. Any constructive feedback is welcome. I realize the timing is a bit off in places, particularly in the first chorus. I couldn't figure out what was wrong when doing the final mix. The song is about our drummer's wife who passed away suddenly from a rare blood disorder, so it's a very emotional tune. C4C as always!

I think the timing issues are the most noticeable problem, but you already mentioned that. The cymbal volume is good, though I can barely hear the kick much of the time; and the rest of the drums could be louder most of the time. I know recording real drums is not easy. The vocals are good & heartfelt (now that I read the unfortunate circumstances). The guitar riffs are good. The song itself is quite good. I have noticed that sometimes recording original songs can be cathartic when dealing with life's difficulties. Please review my music at this link:

Timing issues aside (shouldn't be too hard to fix if it's to a click on a DAW I'm guessing) it was a good recording. The song builds well and whilst I didn't catch every bit of the lyrics it does seem pretty sombre. The vocalist in the quieter moments resembles the Stereophonics guy a bit. Overall it has a mix of late 80s and modern feel with the guitar parts. It's a nice effect to finish the song how it started.

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Yo dude,

The intro is cool, some nice tone. Reminds me a bit of Iron Maiden haha. The timing is a bit sketch in places. Its not enough to ruin the song, but it does roughen the edge a bit, kinda breaks the atmosphere. I reckon itd be worth scrutinising the mix and recording as much as you can before you finish a song just to be certain its as polished as it can be. The tones are cool, vocals are on pitch, no fault there. The drums I think need a bit more processing. Sounds very raw, definitely EQ the hats and kick. The songwriting is cool, keep writing!

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