I was wondering how close really the emulated amps on my X2 Champ to the real thing. I owned a 65 Twin at one time and while my memory isn't that good my impression is that the emulated version is a far cry from the real thing.
I had a Super Champ X2 for a while and I found the Fender amps to be the best sounding on the amp. I thought they were ok sounding but it wasn't enough for me to keep it.

I can tell you that emulated amps will never sound as good as the originals.

I have found the best way to look at emulates/modelled amps is to worry less about the name brand of the amp being emulated, worry about what tone you like instead.
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So you're saying a 15w amp with a tiny 10" speaker doesn't sound quite like a 2x12" or 1x15" ear-splittingly loud behemoth?

For what it's worth, XD and X2 owners often swap the stock speaker for an Eminence 1058 or Ragin Cajun, supposedly that improves the tone across the board. No personal experience myself, just what I've read. Might be worth a try, seeing as it's imo a lovely amp (for the money).

I also agree with ppiluk: Imo it's more important whether you enjoy the amp rather than whether it nails the Twin-tone or not.
My impression is that the little SC is pretty damn good, especially when close-mic'd for AB comparison. I own a SCXD, a Mesa F-30, and an original 1964 Blackface Super Reverb and for a small cheap tube amp the SCXD is pretty great. The biggest difference I notice with my Super Reverb is the room-filling effect of the multiple speaker open back cab in live situations.

Is the Fender SC an EXACT emulation of the classic Blackface/AC30/Tweed Bassman/Marshall Plexi? Nope, but those amps sound different with each player who uses them anyways. Amp voicing will get you in the room but you gotta do the rest.

Does it sound pretty great on all those different amp voices? Yes it does.

Is it worth $350 to a player who simply cannot afford $2k for an original 60s Fender Blackface? Absolutely
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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Thanks for the speaker upgrade suggestions, I have heard the same basic advice (replace the speaker) but they didn't tell me which speakers were good replacements, so thanks for that help. To the point though, I love this amp, it has the nicest clean tones I have just about ever heard and I really like both the Tweed and the Princeton emulations on it so I am not at all unhappy I bought it. I was just wondering about that one emulation, that is all. This little thing can really play LOUD for it's size too, I was surprised.