I dig that 2nd riff, pretty groovy and driving. Everything after that sounds damn cool too, good death metal stuff. I can imagine lots of blast beats behind those riffs and also drums accenting the 1st and 3rd beats for that "driving" force.

The first riff is not my style because it sounds real proggy and disconnected (but that doesn't mean it's not good). It is just my opinion but it does seem to fit with the rest of the style of the song.

I am just the type of guy that likes a good riff. So yea man all of it was pretty damn good. Would like to hear it in a song.
Thanks for the positive feedback!!! I wrote this whole thing specifically for my drummer to go all out and come up with really interesting parts. I know lately he's been really into blast beats and that sort of thing, so i think i'm aiming in the right direction. Some of my biggest influences are The Faceless and Necrophagist