And I've been an Ibanez guy for years. But here's the rub - I haven't had my hands on any newer (post 2002ish) Ibanez models. I know they've been good for taking a 300-400 dollar guitar in the past that's pretty much a body/neck, and throwing new electronics and hardware on it, but I don't know about them anymore - I'm just getting back into playing seriously after a near to ten year hiatus. So I'm looking for input, and just buying used isn't an option as I don't have transportation at the moment. Buying unseen makes me nervous, but if I go with a major online retailer, I can send it back if there's a problem and have it handled.


This is like what I'm looking for - pretty much a body and neck with cheese hardware I can upgrade to end up with a good, solid guitar. But again, I have no experience with Ibanez's newer mod-friendly guitars, and their lineup has changed... dramatically since the last time I was actively playing. Apparently, it's all active pickups and 'iron label' now. Not a fan of actives... My only real preference is fixed bridge.

So opinions, other suggestions - both welcome.

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if you live in a big city or are willing to drive a bit try classified sites, ibanez, esp , gibson , jackson. My opinion is to buy used because it gives you money to put into the parts as the stock electronics , pickups , tuners and all that you want to put into the guitar are going to cost a bundle. Especially now considering it's christmas in a few weeks you can get a really good deal on something if people are hard up for money to buy someone they love a gift.

i used to buy and sell guitars on craigslist my first year out of high school and got really good at it. Point being craigslist and ebay (america) , craigslist/kijiji (Canada) , cragsislt/gumtree (UK) are great places to look. If they are missing parts we're all here to help find the missing parts. Only on some occasions you ever run into a part you can't get or it's too expensive.

on the other hand, see if a local shop has one similar, i'm kind of against buying online unless the specifications are really unorthodox like a fanned fret 7 string i saw on rondomusic (agile). But here's some advice.

active emg pickups with the wiring in tact you can get a pretty good re-sale value for - 150$ us give or take , if you're not a fan of tremolos i wouldnt get one, my friend has a washburn 29 fret from 1988 and it kills me he never uses it for dive bombs or anything. Over the years i pretty much turned into his guitar tech , i dont blame him you hardly see 29 fret guitars, so floyd rose tremolo or not, the the paint job , fret count , neckthrough and configuration of pickups (HS) I've been tempted to buy it myself. It's an EC29 washburn.

brands to check out
Jackson - similar necks , similar shapes, no pickguards
schecters , esp , ltd , washburn , agile are 5 brands off the top of my head

compare the woods and parts and you'll do fine, but again try the guitar before if you can. I have put high end pickups into low end guitars and it doesn't change as much as people will think.
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