Hello all. First thread here, and I figure this is the best place on the internet for help dealing with guitars

Anyway, I've been playing a couple years now, and I'm getting into metal a lot lately, especially bands like Amon Amarth and Eluveitie, and i've decided to upgrade from my little Epiphone SG G-400(just doesn't pack enough punch) to a more "middle-end" guitar. So i've been looking around on ebay, and I see an ESP AX-400 for sale. I'm assuming the pickups are stock, which would make them an EMG 81 set. Originally the price was 500$ but the seller lowered it to 425$ because it wasn't selling. It's in OK shape.

I'm wondering if this is a good price for it. I've tried to find reviews online, but it seems this is a more uncommon one. I've seen prices payed from 350$ upwards to 1000$ but i'd like to hear it straight from an actual owner here. Can anyone help me out? Should I grab this one, or wait until next pay day to get something else?