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3 25%
PG Tips
9 75%
Voters: 12.
Yorkshire Tea

(i actually hate tea)
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PG Tips' green tea is pretty nice. I've not tried smoking Tetleys tho.
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I've never tried Tetley. I like PG Tips in the afternoon but not in the morning. I like the chai from Twinings in the afternoon too.

I'm not a fan of rooibos but I'll drink it if there is no alternative.
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Rooibos hmu

I have a few different teas, loose leaf and flavoured, vanilla and chai
out of those brands I have tetley green tea
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Tetley since I don't know what the other one is, Dilmah make a mighty fine tea also.

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I've no idea what tea is in our teabag jar thing, but it's nice
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I used to like Dilmah a lot but it started tasting a little too earthy for me.

I also like TWG
I usually have PG tips (or Yorkshire tea), not sure I've even had tetley before. It all tastes pretty much the same anyway.
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both are trash that I would rather not drink (loose leaf pref and if forced to have bagged then twinings)

but pg tips is the better of the trash brands.

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I got nothing to add to this thread other than saying that first box in the op looks like it should be a tampon box.
Yorkshire Tea or Twinings English Breakfast tea.

Tetley and PG Tips are pleb-tier.
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mfw filth ITT drinking either of those shit awful teas
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