The Ghost of Happiness Past

Picking at the creaking wood,
Stain and wax a distant memory,
The siding is becoming an atrocity,
All these years of ripping wind,
And winter solstices,
Silent; housing an array of kids,
Reinforcing safety at every instance.

What dreams follow the inhabitants,
Depend on drive and chance,
Most passion resides to a smolder of regret,
Luckily i haven't fell that far yet,
One of these attempts will strike gold,
Then we'll never have to again stay cold.

Who would have thought,
After all of this pain and fighting,
What i brought to the table,
Was too tattered and dated,
To keep me in your sights.

Bested again,
Whether i beat myself or i fell short,
I'm stuck outside my mind;
How will i reach myself by morning?
I'll always be searching for the meaning.

Locked away thinking of better days,
Comparing future suitors to an old flame,
That still burns,
(still burns)
Inside of me.
A reminder of what could be,
A ghost of happiness haunting me.
Beautiful and haunting lyrics!

I am not sold on the title, it seems a cliche and your lyrics are cliche free so it doesn't exactly fit.
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