So I've got myself an Alverez Seafoam green electric. Now that immediately throws me off because Alverez is an acoustic company, and I can't find this particular one on the website. I've googled till my thumbs are numb and I can't find anything that matches what my guitar is. Just a little backstory for you here. I got it when I was 11 years old as a birthday present from my aunt. It was her ex boyfriends and he just left it when they split. I have no clue when she was dating this guy because this type of guitar may be discontinued. So if anyone has any clue on what the hell I have my hands on please let me know. I would post pictures but I'm on mobile and the site isn't terribly mobile friendly.
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By the way it plays great and sounds even better, but like I said I have no clue what it is or when it was made.
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It's got a double cut and its a solidbody. It's almost exactly like the first link but it's only got three pickups and 2 knobs. Also the pick guard doesn't go up where the cut off is, and the headstock has three on each side instead of all six in a row. So other than those few differences I'd say that's the closest I've seen to another one.
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That may be it. I was looking around a little bit last night and I found a thread on this forum (I think it was this one, but I could be wrong) and one of the guys in the thread said something about the Dana signature series. So I googled that, but I couldn't find any pictures so I've almost come to the conclusion that it's the Dana or a custom classic. So thanks for all the help, it's definitely cleared some stuff up, and if you guys find anything else that may be of help I'd appreciate it. I'll just keep looking around trying to figure this one out.