Hello fellow musicians.

I've recently entered the market to buy myself my first electric guitar amp (why it has shamefully taken me this long, I won't elaborate). A friend of mine has a nice used Ibanez TSA5 going for a wickedly awesome price. I'll have to replace the tubes, but that doesn't matter. I'm sure my local guitar shop will be more than able to help me in that department.

My problem is this: I currently live in South Africa, and I'm probably going to be moving back to Canada next year for my tertiary/university studies (so, ~4+ years). Consequently, there is an issue of the differing power voltages between the two countries. I have been advised against using an external power transformer. But surely there must be some other way to get around the differing voltages? A lot of (if not most) of technology nowadays can handle both 110 V and 220 V? I am currently writing this post on a Canadian '09 MacBook Pro with a Canadian power supply with simply a plug adaptor attached so that it can plug into my power bar. (Prepare for what will probably be the stupidest question ever asked) Surely this little amp can do the same? Or is there some other solution whereby it can handle the two voltages?

Failing that, is there another amplifier that is known for its ability to handle the two different voltages? (Looking to play mostly jazz, ambient, and modern/contemporary Christian worship music)

What is your guys' advice? Should I buy this amplifier, wait to buy one in Canada, or some other hybrid solution?
This is really a pretty simple solution as long as you get one that is rated to handle the maximum current load and is quiet enough for audio electronics. Do a little homework here and you will find a good one. It's just like adding a pedal to your pedal board.

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