There are certainly a lot of things here that I like compared to most of modern 8-string metal. The lack of chugging and, err, "djenting" is an apparent one, I like that you used proper growls instead of metalcore-y shouting as well. I also dig the synths, they're kind of a throwback to more old school metal and remind me a lot of Nordic melodic death metal and stuff like that, they're well implemented to a progressive metal songs in my opinion.

Now, I don't know if you'll take this as a compliment or a critique, I'm stating this just as an observation, but this sounded really "Finnish". The synth sounds, the guitar leads and the vocal style all remind me of the traditional finnish (and why not nordic in general) metal scene, I'm almost certain that I hear influence from melodic death metal. I haven't really listened to melodeath in a while though so I might be rusty on that front.

I think that the song had a nice balance of catchy riffs and melodies, and some more progressive elements. To me the highlight were the vocals, you have some great growls and I like the ideas you had with the clean sections. My main critique would probably be the lack of general dynamics, the song had a pretty predictable structure and there was little variety throughout the track. My feelings tip to the positive side anyway, I enjoyed the song and I'm pretty sure it's stuck in my head now. I'll probably subscribe to your channel.
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Yo dude,

The beginning is nice, and the mix is not bad at all. I would say make the beginning track a little louder just so it isnt so much of a shock when the song kicks in. The high synth that plays that one pitch of quaver notes, it has a little too much presence in the 10k< range, you should cut those frequencies a bit otherwise its really bright and hurts the listener's ears.

Songwriting is good, mix is good, sounds quite full, kick is a tad loud but the volumes for most instruments sound good. The doubling up of the djenting and high synth sounds really cool haha. I like how youve written this, the changes in harmony and interludes between solo, instrumental and vocal sections sounds awesome. Definitely keep writing yo

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