Your guitar tones are nice, and your drums sound pretty good, the kick is nice and full. The texture is a bit empty though, use some more guitar layers. The riffy section was cool, and your playing is nice and articulate.

Overall its a dope track, the most criticism is to do with the mix. Experiment with different sounds and tones to make a more full mix.

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Thanks for the crit, man! Love the solo licks in the beginning, very stylish! The riffing at the beginning of the song is not really my cup of beverage, but the riffing coming in at 1:15 was very cool. Really nice track, though. You've got some skills on that git!
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@Fourfourforever: Thanks for your critique man, I'll give you my thoughts below.

I really enjoyed the intro and the floyd dives in the leads are very smooth. I think the rhythm guitars are a little out of intonation around 1:40 - 1:50? Anyway, leads after this are very catchy and technical as well. I'm not really a fan of the techy riff, I didn't feel it transitioned well into it.

As for the mix/sound, well I agree it sounds a bit lifeless. But I think it might be remedied with some reverb as opposed to adding new instruments. Leads sound very good as does the snare and overheads.

EDIT: On a (semi)-unrelated note, I listened to Ngd-clean, is that you playing bass? If so, you're very talented and would recommend you consider intertwining that (your skills, not the track) with the guitars in your next piece. not many can boast good guitar and bass skills.