Hey, everyone! I'm a sixteen year old self-taught musician and I have a three-song EP that I've recently finished. I play all the instruments on each track (drums were included using a keyboard, as I don't have a drum kit as of now). The songs are minimal psychedelic rock, influenced by groups like Can, Neu!, Tame Impala, Wendy and Bonnie, Melody's Echo Chamber, and others. I plan to keep up with recording music for a very long time and this is my first full-fledged attempt at truly mixing and recording. I'd really appreciate you all listening to it and your feedback. Enjoy!

EP Here!
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Thanks for the crit dude


Very old school vibe, some nice stuff going on, sets the mood. Be careful of clipping in your mix, it can make your track sound a little rough and unpolished. The song has some nice tones and vibes in it, though it is a little repetitive. The balance of volumes is quite good, I would say its worth paying a bit more attention to the overall mix and look out especially for any clips or bits where the mix could still be polished.


Nice start, 6/8 is such a dope time signature. The song again stays kinda static. It makes good background music, but nothing especially grabs attention. The mix was more polished in this song, but still had the odd clip here and there. A simple way to get rid of clipping is to just turn down the output volume fader in whatever programme's mixer that you are using


Cool, very mellow vibe to this one. You sound like one of my mate's bands haha. This is probs my favourite track of the three.

Overall, theyre not bad tracks yo. If its the background music vibe that youre going for then youre doing well. Otherwise, id say have a vocal line or something over the top to retain interest. Tones and stuff are nice. Watch for clipping. Write more, practice makes perfect
this is cool stuff to be doing at age 16. very polished and well recorded. keep it up and youll be putting out some really cool stuff

Dimensions - I like the vibe of this one. Nice effects on the guitar and the drums sound great. I love that little bendy guitar that is at the end of each phrase. For this genre, your hitting the style head on. The solos are nice too. I like the fat guitar tone and reverse effects. My biggest gripe with this one is, I get that your going for the droney, repetitive thing, but I hear such a cool chorus/change up for this. Itd be tough to explain but it would involve doing a walk down and then hitting what im assuming would be the root chord. Simple but I think it would be powerful, given the airy/dissonance that your getting with the main phrase.

Levitation - more of the same, but I like that this one has a little more complexity to the structure/progression. Once again, I like the drums, the guitar tone, and the overall feel.

Antares - this one is cool too but once again, more of the same.

If this is the kind of music your interested in creating (and it seems your good at it), I would recommend a few things. One - learn how to sing/find a singer. That way you can keep the same background music on repeat but mix up and develop the songs structure/dynamics with the vocal melodies.
OR - put in some samples, maybe some electronic hip hop drums (on top of the regular drums) and make them beats to have people rap on. Id also recommend layering in more diverse instrumentation, and then pulling them in and out as the song progresses to develop the structure that way

or you could keep them as is, but just know, its tough to get people to listen to the same thing over and over again, even if it is nice and chill. ADD, not as much drug use as back in the day, the internet, etc etc.

Overall, cool stuff, your talented, keep it up. I know I didnt comment on the recording a whole lot, but it all sounds well done, way better than my stuff.

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BTW ^^^ if your interested in what I meant by my 'beat' recommendation, check out Dizzy on the soundcloud page that I link in my thread. That will show you what I'm talkin about