Really amazing piece. The guitar playing is very fluid and clear. Overall I'm picking up some progressive rock influences? The recording quality is really atmospheric and it makes the song very listenable. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the crit, dude!

Wow. This amazing. Really love the sound of the guitar and the nice deep bass. Everything works beautifully together in this piece. Beautifully played and written, m'friend!
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Thanks for checking out my track. Very big sounds going on here great sounding clean tones you're working with. This track gives me the feels and imagery of looking out of my window on a rainy cloudy day depressed that my rent is due. Is the lead guitar improvised or written or do you have some idea on how to start it and finish it and leave the middle bars free for them feels?, whatever the case it's enjoyable and has good phrasing. One of your crits you had for my song is to fill up the track, I know why you told me that now because you are very good at layering your shit and filling up space. I do not really have anything to criticize beside the drums sound low and thin for the sounds starting at 3:20. Great song you got here keep up the good work.
I myself have trouble with the drums getting buried in the mix when a lot is taking place with other tracks that have high frequencies. Putting compression on the drums has helped me with that, but hasn't totally fixed the problem. Playing with EQ helps but gets complicated when a bunch of tracks are playing at once. Otherwise your song sounds very good & gave me goosebumps at one point. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks a lot for your in depth crit!

As I listen -

Opening is very nice playing. Quite ominous, really grabs you. I love the electric guitars that come in after, great tone, and whatever the second, more reverby track behind it is, it compliments it perfectly and really beefs it up. I think the third "chsnge" in this section might be too much (with the synth or something) , kind of takes away and obscures the rest of the track. The guitar solo coming in is okay...not quite my style for music but I suppose it eorks. The funkier part in between solos is really cool. Around 3:20 is more my kind of guitar solo, very epic and trivium esque. 4:00 - 4:30 is very nice as well. Im still not a fan of the outro guitar solo, but thats just my personal preference against solos in general..

Overall, its a very completely realized track, recorded nicely with great performance and some very good ideas and structures in there. If your looking for possible suggestions on edits, I would take out the "third layer" that comes in during the post-acoustic guitar section, and completely take out the first guitar solo section, and bring the funkier part in immediately after the electric gtr intro part. Or maybe switch the funky part with the harder part at 3:20. I feel like the 3:20 section is the most effective section to have to "break" into the song, after the intro sections
Really nice opening with the acoustic guitar. The electric part that follows it really helps establish a certain atmosphere, and I love the way it builds from that point on! The solo that follows is really cool. I like your choice of notes and it fits the overall song very good. The rhythm part that follows the first solo was really cool, progressive sounding. The thing coming in at 3:22 could probably have been built up at bit more before coming in. As of now, it sounds a bit abrupt. The ending was really tastefully done! I have to agree with a commenter in your soundcloud, this sounds like it could be on The Last of Us soundtrack, which is really a huge compliment to you! Great work, man!
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@TommyGunUk: Hey man, thanks for the critique, now for my thoughts on your piece.

In general, I like the style a lot. the ominous acoustic at the beginning is played very tastefully, and then when the synths come in with the melancholic theme really sets the piece up. The leads are also very enjoyable, especially the shredding towards the end. I thought the transition at 2:47 was pretty bad though. Then things pickup at around 3:30 and the drums become more intense before the final cool down. The little chromatic notes around 4:50 were really refreshing. Overall a very good piece. I agree with aaron aardvark, I think the high frequencies in this recording are a bit... washed? If your audience was Black Metal it would be OK though.
I thought it sounded good. I will ask you one question, what is gonna make you stand out as someone different and innovative in music? If you really wanna be a professional you have to stand out and show the world you have something different to offer that nobody else is messing with. I thought your music sounded legit, but it sounded like stuff I've heard before. I wanna hear something different. As different as a triangle is from a pyramid. As different as a sine wave is from a saw wave.
Thanks for the critique on my song, listening to yours now.

First thing I noticed was some 'hiss' in the background. A noisegate will solve that.

2 minutes in and I am captivated by this huge mellow wall of sound, really awesome stuff man.

Around 3:20 I got lost, it is a lot of reverb and fills the whole song with a lot of extra muffle. Whether that was intentional or not I thought it was worth pointing out. Just something that made me go "wait.. this doesn't sound as concise with the rest of the song"

Some parts remind me of Opeth but I can tell you have a lot more influence that just that and made it into your own sound, something lacking today in music.

Really not much else I can comment on, the production sounds really good. It was just those few parts that had a lot of reverb going on that seemed to overpower the rest of the sound.

Good stuff man, really good.
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