I can write lyrics decently, but I just can't get the hang of chords. Whatever comes into my head is always some version of a popular song, usually a song that inspired me to write the lyrics i wrote. I can't get the chord progressions, tempos and styles out of my head.
For clarification, I am trying to write typical singer-songwriter songs, so acoustic guitar and pop-like singing. My style is mostly inspired by Ed Sheeran (as is a lot of other people's). I also find it a little hard to get a unique and catchy melody.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Hey, if ya have to have one hit to play through and have a legacy, why not be Pachelbel? It may be the same 8 bloody notes, but still better than a lot of newer music. Just think: those 8 notes have lasted over 300 years. Gotta be worth something. On topic with what is at hand, one is going to run into similar patterns and song styles constantly when trying to come up with new stuff. Inspirations last a lot longer. Best of luck to you in your endeavors. If you come up with new chord progressions that work for you, work em! Make them shine! Give folks 8 newer notes to use that might last forever in time
The main reason most bassists can do rhythm chords, at least to the best of my observations, is because they already have to help with the rhythm a lot and work together with it, and the lowest note is usually already played with bass, which is what rhythm uses a lot too. Vice versa, rhythmists can learn bass well because, if power chords are concerned, rhythm already has bass in mind :P
Yep, and that is part of the reason minor/power chords have a lot of appeal to others: nicely timed bass chords, for the most part
You can learn about theory, harmony in particular, and how it all fits together, but at the end of the day, writing "good chords" and "good melodies" is tough. That's what makes artists artists. That's why you are inspired by ed sheeran, and not another one of the tens of thousands of people that have learned about music. He is special because he is special. He put a lot of work into what he does, of course, but he doesn't write the way he does because of a secret method he read about in a book, or on a music forum.

But there is a lot you can learn about harmony, and how chords fit together. I would recommend you do that.
I take Random Notes find the tones I like , and make a chord


A octave

Off a little
Finding tones that are dramatic nice to the ear eerie etc.
and make a story
usually this is done after I where to take a bike ride
(anywhere exercise releases endorphins which make you think clear)
a ride to a place that makes me have certain feeling
(or just reading the news --> I do concentrate on music just browse the story or pictures)
(or lonely dating adds that evokes emotion shoot one time I played Inspiring music reading one (there all pretty bland adds actually)

Now that I have my 08 so, and so chord with other notes added , and make a story
I also do different voicing of the same chord to add bass or treble notes to it
or just change the structure of the song (by chords or adding little runs or what ever._)

saying what I'm about to say
I do not like pain at all but I may burn all my finger tips to play with more emotion
A idea I have after burning my finger with a blow torch
but you can think deeply on bad stuff too. or good stuff...
Try different music
Like a steely Dan Royal scam tab book

since I wrote this out already (see below)
Get a chord book with different positions
make sure they explain
(I had a bad melbay one Althogh just random chords can sink it subconscienly with the different voicing s , and can happen naturally it is harder to remember what you played
in that case even recording with a phone can help (I do with a tape player just something I can bring with some beers , and not worry (AS much) about strangers or street musicians stealing.)

Although if you do play with a phone , and play rubbish re set
you do not want to be digging around recordings after you get into it
(but you can mark it (played good around minute 15 or 16 or 20 etc)
(tape decks with time counters on it works too)
D7 shape also one up is d minor shape that is movable

D7 , D minor d minor flat
-2-- -now you know d minor flat -- 3rd chord

or this movable shape D major A major

--3---10 A major shape

Already wrote for a friend
I do not have to much time I edit more on this I wrote
but here is one thing I wrote to someone
(the other stuff can get confusing as they understood music)

C Chord
B----1--5--5-----8 -(slide 12 /10 8)
G----0--5--5 ----9
E------------(8) --8

Did you notice every 5 notes it repeats
3 + 5 = 8
Also these chords can be broken down
More can be less
instead of that LAST C CHORD listed
C 8 10 10 9 8 8 (what about 9 8 8) 10 9 8 etc.
Well, fortunately, I think I figured out, on my own songs at least, what works well with chords and lyrics. Now on to the next main step: recording it all together