Anybody go from europe to the US with a thr10, or vice versa?
I bought my THR10 in europe and the power brick is rated 100v - 240v.
Europe's voltage is 220v, and the US is 110v, 50/60hz and the output on the brick is 15v. Will this work in both?
I emailed yamaha and they said I have to buy a new one- they said it will damage the amplifier.
Was wondering if anybody had any experience with this. Especially since this thing can be run with 8 AA batteries, which have a voltage of like 1.5 or something. That's only 12.
Now I'm not an electrician or anything so I don't know for sure.... but this sounds like a way to sell me something I don't really need :/
Any input?
Yamaha is probably just covering their ass.

Looking at the specs, the power supply included is either an Upbright EADP-38EB A or UIB345-1530 (check your particular brick). Googling either of these comes back w/ a worldwide supply, so it seems the brick can be used just about anywhere with the right cable or adapter to match the wall outlet (I think its this one for the US). Both models feature overcurrent output protection, so I would think it should be Ok, but you may want to double-check w/ Upbright (I haven't been able to find their website, but they seem to answer product questions on Amazon, just search there for the particular model brick you have).
No different than Laptop power supplies, all you need is the right wall outlet adapter (as noted above).

Whoever you spoke to at Yamaha needs to be taken out and flogged.
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