Hello. I have an old guitar with very worn fret wires. Guitar had medium or small frets. Is it possible to replace them with bigger like medium jumbo frets? So bigger than it was before?
You could always get frets that are wider but similar height to the original.. even have SS frets installed if you wanted.
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It depends how old the guitar is. If it was made between 48 and the early 70's the chances are good that it is small fret wire. And yes you can change the frets but have it done by someone professional otherwise you might ruin the finish. If you change the frets you will have to adjust the bridge and possibly intonation as well. My 2cents worth! Good luck!
I agree with Werner. If you don't have experience changing frets have someone who is very experienced do it. It's not a matter of just pulling off the frets hammering in new fretwire and cutting it off. Most frets have small tangs that spread into the fretboard to hold the frets in place. If you just pull out the fret you can remove small chunks of wood from the fretboard and you will have a problem. I refretted a Les Paul this past summer under the watchful eye of a great luthier with 40+ years of experience. I also had to replace the binding because it went over the ends of the frets and needed to be removed to do the fret job. I had to cut, file and replace the binding after installing the new frets. I was very happy to do it and in fact I was apprenticing to learn this stuff. I have done it but I don't now consider myself an expert. Also once you have new frets in place you still have to do a major fret dress to level the new frets and crown them. The luthier I apprenticed with charges his customers $200 for a full re-fret and another hundred if it involves new binding and nut replacement (which most do).

Stew-Mac prices:

Fret Cutter..........$30
Leveling Beam.....$37 to 77
Fret hammer........$25
Nut Files...............$23
Fret File (crown)....$25

The above doesn't take into account fret wire, new nut, sandpaper and other incidentals.

The proper tools to do the job will cost you as much as having someone do the job so unless you plan to do it often just take it to a pro.
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