It think the VT20X is relatively new so it may be hard to find people who have impressions on both.
I have at VT30 but have never seen a VT20X.
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TBH both are sides of the same coin. I just suggest the VT20+ because it seems a little less toy-like, but I really do not have much to base that off of.

Vypyr 30 as mentioned in the other thread is a good suggestion too.
I have a Vox VT15 (the predecessor to the VT20) and it sounds good for the price and fine for playing at home. But you probably won't be able to use it for much for than playing at home. My only criticism is that it's a little confusng to use, especially the effects.
Get the Vox VT20 for playing anything clean to moderately crunchy. Get a Peavey Vypyr if you want a tighter high gain sound, and still need good cleans. Save for something else if you're trying to do more than play at the house at low volumes.
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