Hi guys, to be specific, in the track Minor Turbulence.

Started at 1:18
Youtube Link

I recently started to learn electric guitar and MIDI, I'm very noob about different types of sounds.
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That was so dense with synth I don't even think I heard a guitar
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Dude, there's no way to tell exactly what guitar is being used just by listening to a recording. Especially a fully-produced studio recording such as that. That signal is so processed that it likely doesn't even sound close to the way the guitar did during the tracking, when it was just a raw signal going through an amp. And even if it was just a raw guitar track, one could probably tell you whether it has single coil or humbucker pickups. But that's about it. The exact model of guitar? That's like looking at a painting and trying to determine what brand of paint brush the artist used.
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It was a guitar with strings.
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It sounds like a synth emulating a guitar to me. So my guess is there is no actual real guitar being used in that song, it's just a synth.
Its a 1987 Charvel Model 1 into a Musicman tube amp with intense boss and zoom modulation and a synth pedal in the front.

Lol jk its most likely a keyboard.
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