Ok so, i play in a percussion ensemble and i am currently using a Fender Mustang 40w our director wants my sound very present in our music. Our group has a synth, drum set, timpani, 4 vibes, 1 glock, bass, cage, 4 marimbas, and xylo/cratales. I can either mic the mustang or just get a louder amp. We will preform in gyms, big auditoriums and outside. I am going for a cleaner, reverb soaked, with a transparent overdrive... Alot like Of Monsters and Men. I turned the mustang onto 9 master vol. With the gain and start vol. On 10. He said it was too quiet so i went to 10 master vol. It started screeching and cut the guitar signal. I dont know what to do! My budget is $300-$500... Help me...
"Cleaner, reverb soaked" That spells Fender Hot Rod Deluxe/ Hot Rod Deville. They will have to be found used because they run much higher bought new but are both loud enough to pummel the rest of the band with loud-ass Dick Dale guitar if needed. Your director will surely ask you to please turn it down. Think Twin Reverb loud here.

Protip: Don't get sucked into the noob vortex thinking more watts always equals more loud when comparing amps. Speaker and amp design has much more influence on volume than rated amp wattage. The 40w Mustang is practically a whisper next to a 40w HRD.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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+1 to going easy on the wattage, especially since you aren't playing with loud musicians. Most 15 watt tube amps will drown out everything in your group but the marimbas.