Hi Guys

I have some very interesting questions for you! I have a Charvel San Dimas (USA made) Polar white, but I like the sound of Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient. I would like to play 80s metal to black metal.

Now, what will happen if I put a set of those in my Charvel?
Will the sound suck or will it sound like a high end Strat?

I really wonder what it would be like. If you look at Yngwie Malmsteen: He did the exact same thing, but with single coils. He sounds very distorted and heavy. So is it possible to create a killer tone with a maple fretboard and maple neck (22 frets)?

Thanks a lot

From your other thread which was closed:

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Yes, there's a Jb4/sh59 on it.

But I do have another question: I want to shred the hell out of that guitar.

Are 22 frets and this particular neck going to obstruct me from that?

No, Charvels are great shred guitars. Unless you absolutely need 24 frets or a recessed floyd, it's one of the better shred guitars out there.
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