I can play comfortably Numb both solos well.
Stairway solo.
Bohemian Rhapsody.
And smells like teen spirit but I just use that to warm up before practise.
Knocking on heavens door.
The first sweet child o mine solo.
And the first 2 of November Rain.

I want to challenge myself, learn 2 hard songs rather than 20 easy ones. To better myself. What would you say I should learn? Is November Rain outro too much too soon? Btw I havnt referred to rhythm because I want to focus on lead right now. Been playing rhythm for years.
Also sorry if this is wrong thread. I dont use tabs so I don't know how this website works.

I really want to be able to play night train but it seems very intimidating.
Best way i always did it was to find a song i liked then identify the different techniques that compose it then paractice those techniques independently then have a good jam utilizing them and then i tackle learnimg the song. Make its much easier when you are familiar with it all before the attempt (can lead to premature frustration and quitting). NEVER stop practicing rythm its the most important thing.

Also. If a guitar player can play 10 full songs he can damn near certainly play 100 or more song intros/riffs. Most people will quit 100 songs by the time they learn 5-10 full ones. I was like that for nearly 15yrs.
1. Learn what you want to learn or like to play. If you want to learn November Rain or Night Train, go for it. Take it slow and easy. If it's still too hard for you even after that, then you now have a benchmark for where you playing level is and can judge which songs you want to attempt.

2. When you say you can play the solo well, are you really sure about that? Try recording yourself for once and listen to yourself. Hearing yourself while you play can be surprisingly deceptive. Personally, I don't find the songs you're trying to learn much harder than the ones you already know.

So yeah, if you want to learn those songs, just go for it.
I don't know your genres well enough to make specific suggestions, but challenge yourself. Find a piece or just a passage that really catches your attention and try to learn it. You might not ever want to play an exact copy, but learning it that way will improve both your skills and insights into how music works. I'm a veteran (geriatric?) player, but it happened to me yesterday. I was surfing Youtube, and came across an arrangement of a old song that really grabbed me, as in "Wow, I want to know how he plays that".

FWIW, I learn by ear, breaking the song down into little manageable chunks using a sound editor for slowing down and loops.
Quote by Dick Savage

Most people will quit 100 songs by the time they learn 5-10 full ones. I was like that for nearly 15yrs.

do you mean that playing 1 song decently requires far more skill than it takes to play 100 songs sub-decently?

i mean it makes sense but its reassuring to hear someone say it

(coz i practice only the same 1-2 songs for months and months so my repertoire is tiny but i feel like it will ultimately be worthwhile to practice in this fashion)