Dear all,

I seem to have a weird kind of luck at concerts to always catch a guitar pick somehow! However, my collection has grown over the past few years and I would find it nice to display them in some nice way!

Does any of you maybe have some experience/recommendation regarding this?

Kind regards,
Could you not use something like a wall frame for a photo and maybe have a nice felt background to lay them on?

You could probably find some 'guitar pick display cases' online (in fact I see a few on Reverb) but I imagine they arent much different to what I suggested.
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I have a shadow box that I put my siged tickets in, along with a drum stick, and some picks from concerts. They are cheap.
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Bigger hobby shops will have all kinds of wall-hangable boxes for displaying things like leaves, insects, flags and all manner of flattish gew-gaws.

They'll have a pane of either a glass or plastic, set in wood, plastic, vinyl, or even heavy duty pressed paper.

Some will have subdivisions- these are usually called shadow boxes- while others have only one large compartment.

There will be some kind of backing/stuffing. That can be styrofoam, cotton, polyester fiber fill, or the like, sometimes covers by velvet or other cloth.
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