Well I'm now venturing away from tube amps. I'm leaning towards getting a good modeling amp. Of course I'm a metal guy. In the past I have had the Blackstar ID, spyder (yuck) and a vypyr. My first question befor I get off base is, we know I have a guitar with weak pickups, which did not go well with a tube amp so I'm looking at a few amps.....the next vox vtx looks promising, as does the Orange rt35, bit also the yamaha thr sounds really good. My price range tops out at 400 so im kinda limited but with none of those amps have a 12' it concerns me. I heard a sweetwater demo of the Orange and i was like wow. I was thinking I could always add a boost and the loop is a great feature. The yamaha just sounds like like a jcm. The rd5 had a 10' and it was lacking so im not sure which way to go.....that crunch on the orange was just killer but does it have any bass, but then again im a metal guy.....what do you guys think?
Hey Guys - First of all, I wanted to say thank you for helping me with all of this. But in the process of trying to figure all of this out, It has come to my attention that an amp is not the only thing that needs attention.
I do have a cheap guitar. It feels ok to play but the pickups are weak. But I do not have the money to buy another guitar for while, that will have to wait a while. So some attention will need to be devoted to that. So I either need to have the pickups replaced or I need to put an overdrive pedal in front of the amp to give it some good quality distortion and I can't afford to do both. So which would be best pickups or dirt pedal?
maybe get a Tech21 TM30 and just dime the overdrive on that. It really depends what amp you get for this.
Not sure what you mean by weak pickups...I guess that could always be fixed by putting an OD in front, maybe one of the cheapie Joyo TS knockoffs ($40)?
What makes you think a modeler will do for you what a tube amp wouldn't?

Your posts make it appear as if you've made some assumptions that might not be valid. If you don't know where you are, it's damnably hard to get to where you want to be.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
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I dnt think you would need an over drive for a non tube amp which is a modellling amp either tbh. As far as I was aware pedals into modellers etc never really sounded that great.

Why dont you take your guitar to a shop and sit down and test out of a load of amps you are interested in?
Which cheap guitar? Start there. Also where you live and some favorite guitar tracks so folks have a clue what you are looking for. "I play metal" doesn't narrow the field enough to get specific about gear.
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