Can anyone who's mastered the skill provide a detailed routine of daily practice to develop this technique?

I seem to be getting nowhere sawing away at my open E my playing keeps sounding like triplets. I also have lots of trouble keeping a balanced 3 finger alternate plucking when playing songs and moving across strings. I play R-M-I-R etc.. but end up just going back to M-I as I lose focus.
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Well the answer, sadly, is simply to slow down, concentrate more on getting it right for a longer period of time until you can do it without thinking.

One thing you could do if you're getting it sounding like triplets a lot is to try playing something that has a definitive four note grouping to it. Like ascending fours:


And so on. Really concentrate on phrasing it in 16th notes against a slow metronome, and make sure you're using the appropriate fingers for each note. This might be the sort of thing that you can only work on once you've spent enough time getting the picking fingers in the right order so you don't have to think about that while you're working on timing. Break the two things apart so you're not having to think about too many things at once, and make sure you're going slowly enough that you can really focus on making it feel natural.

I know it's a lot to dig in to though, this technique is difficult to get to grips with, especially once you start moving across strings with fingers that are entirely new to the process. You'll get it though, you just need to put the work in!
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