Hi everyone, first of all, im not trying to copy other bands tones, i just find these tones to be the most pleasing for me. So im on the hunt for a Tube amp; that can get me pretty close to an early metallica / megadeath sound.. i would go test them myself but where im from, i cant.. budget: nothing over 2k ... thanks a lot
Mesa Boogie Mark V. It'll give you pretty much every tone you could need for that. Boost it with a tubescreamer. It's also much, much more versatile than most options and I love the footswitching options and the EQ. If you're willing to put in the time to dial in just the right tone, it's phenomenal. You can find the heads for around 1500-1600 and then get a mesa boogie or marshall 4X12 for about 400 bucks.

For example:

I've played a mark V side by side with a IIC+ and it isn't quite the same, but with enough tweaking I'm sure you could get it close enough that it isn't noticeable.
I'm pretty sure most of those guys were using Marshall JCM 800's (as stated above), and a lot of them still are. I'm sure you can get there with a 1959SLP too, or an Orange of some kind. Mainly British-styled amps back in the day. Mesa is another choice, but is a bit more "brown sound" than the early tones of those bands. It isn't "wrong" by any means, but it probably isn't the best vehicle to get the early thrash sound.
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something hot rod marshally i think
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On a budget, i would look for a DSL50 or 100.

Don't write off the Mesa Marks either, they were used on some early Metallica.
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Marshall JCM 800 is a good choice in my opinion, would be great to use a boost like a Tube Screamer as you are looking for a Thrash Metal tone. I would say Mesa too, but for this kind of sound I would stick with the Marshall.