Hello members of the UG Community,

It has been brought to my understanding that user 'DDDiego' is abusing his rights on the UG site. After I left one comment on one of his tabs indicating that it was inaccurate and thus, incorrect, he brought it upon himself to rate FOUR of my high quality tabs (which were 4 - 5 stars) (all of the songs were by Ellie Goulding) with a very low rating (which brought them down to THREE stars). When I looked at the comment section, I saw that he had used, "didn't like this contribution" as a reason to rate my tab of a low standard. Furthermore, he has also given me evidence of spam by posting "Lack of everything. Not only this user is miss using the site but aparentely does not know how to play a guitar" 1 minute apart. On my tab for Ellie Goulding's tab 'Around U', he used the same reason ("didn't like this contribution" = more indication that this is spam). In addition, another player CONVENIENTLY posts that "You just have to try and play the bridge with these chords! It's clearly wrong! Fix this it's so wrong." a mere 14 MINUTES after his post. This has led me to believe that this user is MULTI-ACCOUNTING. This is reinforced by the fact that his very first comment to me was made with the account 'DDDiego', however, his subsequent comments were made with the accounts 'am.diego.am' and 'nictaylor'. Therefore, I believe he has created two fake accounts in order to prevent anyone from tracing his comments back to him. He has abused his rights on the site and has thus, tarnished my reputation and the quality of my tabs. I urge that the leading members of the UG Community to take action against him either through the implementation of a ban from the website or a severe warning to let him know that these atrocious acts do not go unnoticed or unpunished.

I would also like to put it out there that it is very possible he created another account in order to rate my tabs. This is because the UG site does not allow you to rate a different version of a song that you have also submitted. Therefore, this user had to create different accounts to put down my tabs and make his look better.

Thank you very much for your time.

Evidence: http://imgur.com/a/qRzoc

Evidence 1 (Codes): Spamming (same comment posted 5 minutes apart)
Evidence 2 (Around U): Possible multi-accounting with users 'am.diego.am' and 'nictaylor'
Evidence 3 (Don't Panic): Spamming (same comments on multiple of my tabs posted at around the same time) - Please note that another user of the site had a compliment for this tab
Evidence 4 (Human): Spamming (same comment on multiple of my tabs) - Please note: First comment by user 'origamicat01' is not credible as it states that the lyrics are of a 'sexual' nature (which they are clearly not) and does not include any constructive criticism.
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All I said was that his chords were off. Why is that just as bad? I gave constructive criticism ( he needed to add headings) but all he said was "lack of everything" and "I didn't like this contribution". I don't see how we are similar. Also, I didn't go create fake accounts so that I could rate all his tabs of a low quality.
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Hey guys, so we can't force you to love each other and solve your questions for you. The best option for you is to simply ignore each others tabs and each other, without the fake wars.

Let the users decide which tab is best. We really don't want to take adminstrative action on you guys.

But you've really outdone yourselves, seriously.
I am very sorry. But for my comments, I gave SPECIFIC EXAMPLES as to why they were incorrect. But he didn't. I wrote those comments at different times not consecutively like he did. And my comments just happen to be on his tabs as he writes a lot of Ellie Goulding tabs (I enjoy listening to and playing Ellie Goulding's songs). The only problem I have is that he rated my tabs really low with no specific examples as to how I could improve. On the other hand, I did.

Is there anyway that the moderators can remove the ratings and comments of users? If so, can you guys remove our comments and rates from each other's tabs and ban us from commenting or rating each other's tabs?
Thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated. I sincerely hope this doesnt happen again.
Sorry to bother again... but some a few users have alerted me to the fact that the comments made by DDDiego's fake account (am.diego.am) were not removed. Can someone please help me remove them?