Sup, guys. I've been listening to a bit of noise rock and old school post-hardcore the past few days (Fugazi, Unwound, KEN mode, Shellac, Unsane(check 'em all out if you haven't)) and its inspired me to sort of try my hand at just dialing back the really metallic edges in my song writing. That doesn't mean its not extreme or harsh. It still is. Anyway, I wrote a pretty short little sort of off-the-wall track with more rock and punk rock oriented grooves than normal. I even wrote a vocal part for it. The lyrics were sort of off the top of my head so don't regard them too much. Enjoy this hot noise rock blast for your ass!

UPDATE: Ditched the blast beats at the end cause I decided they were jarring and failed to compliment the rest of the song. Replaced it with some punk beats that remind me of Nirvana-era Dave Grohl with a dash of cocaine.
Aphid Kingwvox.gpx
Aphid Kingwvox.gp5
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