I just got a Fender Super Champ X2 and so far I'm loving it! I installed the Fender Fuse software and I have a question if anyone is familiar with it. When I download a preset from the website, when I open it in Fuse without the amp connected it has all of the knobs set correctly to the sound including the gain and tone knobs. However, when I connect the amp, all of the knobs except a few go change to what I have the amp set it. So is there a way to use the tone knobs from the preset or do I need to adjust them all manually at the amp?
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You want to open Fuse 1st, then connect your amp and then load/open the preset. When you already have the preset opened before you hookup the amp, the amp is more than likely loading on the last preset you were using on the amp. That's why you are seeing all the setting change like you are.
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I did that, but I'll try again. The thing is, when I load the preset the tone knobs and gain just stay how they are on my amp, so if I have the gain cranked and then load a more clean sounding preset the gain is still cranked. Maybe this is just how the presets work (Only the amp voicing and effects) and the rest needs to be changed manually.
My only experience using Fuse is with my Fender Mustang, so it may be a little different with the Champ (but I can't imagine it is). Just make sure your amp is hooked up and turned on and operational on Fuse before loading a preset.

It's been 5 years since I setup my Fuse account and had everything activated. If I remember correctly you have to register your amp before you can use Fuse's full potential. So if it's not registered you may not be able to use presets from the Fuse community. I think you also have to register it before you can use any of the other programs that may have come with it (Abelton, AmpliTube).

Here's a link at Fuse that should help you out with getting it registered if you haven't already. https://fuse.fender.com/get_started/
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Actually, it looks like it is different between the Mustang and Super Champ. The manual for the Super Champ says the preset saves "some tone knobs". Basically the ones that don't exist on the actual amp, like Mid.