What up UG, it's been a while:

Anywhoo, I'm trying to delete a thread I made years ago that got closed because A) I'm an idiot and B) the thread is idiotic. I can't delete it though because it's closed, but I would like it gone from the face of the earth. Can one of you mods help a brother out?

EDIT - Also, I used to post guitar builds in the GB&C forum, and now that I'm back to building and modding after a while away I'm finding that some of my builds have been deleted.... what's up with that?
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send me a pm with the thread link

as for your missing threads, we don't currently keep records of deleted threads so can't really say why they may have been deleted. you can always contact gb&c mods if they are aware of any particular sub forum policies that might have been applied there.

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