Hey All

I have an Epiphone G400 Custom, it has 3 Humbuckers. Current electronic setup has 3 Volume and 1 Master Tone with a 3 way switch. Haven't been using it often so decided to mod it and start playing it again.

I recently purchased a Tonerider Generator (neck) and a Rocksong (bridge) pickup to install in this guitar. I decided to keep the original components and not use them for my mods (should I decide later to return it back to normal).

What wiring recommendations are there for an HHH guitar like this? Ideally I'd like to have a coil tap on the Generator in the neck position, as well as an On/Off for the middle pickup. I'm open to other wiring options as well
this will take lots of photoshop to get the ideas across but you can do a lot with that guitar since having 4 potentiometer holes and a switch it really depends on your patience. I've never heard of tonerider pickups but if you can get a color code of the pickups from them that is a really easy solution.

so if you have three mounting rings and have a "bit" of money to burn if you put three seymour duncan triple shots in you'd have more tones than I can count on the spot, roughly 40 tones but don't quote me on it. That is assuming all 3 pickups are four wire of course.

you can do..
out of phase
half out of phase
coilsplits - inner or outer coil accentuation
parallel - which is like a coilsplit but no buzz
fender greasebucket tone control - it adds clarity to your pickups
torres mid scoop / boost
this is without getting into active circuity

seymour duncan triple shots provide 4 sounds per pickup
series - full power
parallel - hum cancelling coiltap sounds
and two kinds of coilsplit, inner or outer coil both give unique sounds

it's 5 solders and two or three to the guitars electronics harness.