Hi UG ppl I have a problem that i would love to get some help with. I got a new Ibanez GRXG 170 DX which i had for some months and one day i tried to sit on my bed, and forgot that the cord jack is on the side and not besides the volume control like my strat and the bed hit it and it broke. What i mean is that after it broke i could grab the jack and move it around and twist it. When that happened the sound got blurry and really bad, with a lot of humming. So i gave it to one of my fathers friends that repairs guitars. He did repair it, but after 5-6 days it started having bad and blurry sound again, and the jack is fine and wont move AT ALL. Anything i should know?? Can someone explain why this happens??
A wire inside probably broke loose that he didn't know about, a pot or solder joint could be loose, cable could have a loose wire or the spring on the jack that holds contact with the jack on the cable could have been bent so it does not have enough pressure to keep good contact.

Have it checked out again. Bring your cable too, and have it checked.
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