I am wanting to change out the stock set up in a Squire standard I have.
I cant find any made specifically for Squire guitars.
I might just get one from Dragonfire and drill new holes for the pickguard.
Anyone install one of these before?
with aftermarket pickguards 90% of the time you do have to re-drill, luckily it's not a USA fender deluxe or something.

personally I'd go with an Ebay one from IKNMusic and the pickups you can get anywhere, dragonfire, GFS, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio ...etc. With IKNMusic they are about 11$ for a pickguard, backplate and 20 screws in chrome. They come in over 20 colors and I've done business with them for about 2-3 years minimum and never had any issues with them. The good thing is they sell lots of pots and switches too to get in one stones through.

the only configuration IKNMusic doesn't have is H/S, but besides that they are excellent if you've got a 6 bolt tremolo strat.

when you're done solder in the input jack and ground the strings and you'll do fine. My tip for getting the input jack in is stack some cardboard on top of one another until it is tall enough that the jack can stand on it's own and solder the two connectors in. On my loaded pickguards I make I use what are in fuse boxes so i dont have to solder.