The strikes, the bends, inflections, everything

The Wall is paramount for me, more specifically the lead, but I'm slowly shifting my appreciation to rhythm

Other artists/albums never had this same effect, they were more about learning the notes and personalizing

It makes me wonder if The Wall is attractive like this because of the vast range of emotion, the effective soap opera and how Gilmour chose to translate all those emotions into his guitar according to what the song demanded... as if a window into a Gilmour's head

What albums were you inclined to perfect?
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I like playing along to
The Strokes - Is This It,
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say...
Green Day - Dookie,
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane over the Sea,
Foals - Antidotes
Daft Punk - Homework/Discovery.

These albums are all pretty easy and fun to play along to. I find the Daft Punk albums especially fun cause there's loadsa space to be creative.

For the most part I like playing guitar like me instead of like one of my guitar heroes. But if a guitarist plays a really expressive bit that I really like, sometimes I'll just learn that part, copying exactly what's played. Then I can incorporate that technique into my playing.

With more challenging music I'd rather focus on getting one tune down really well.

For example I got really into Tool for a while and wanted to learn all their stuff, but after I learn Lateralus on guitar the whole thing was kinda demystified. Learning more Tool songs would be less of a technical exercise and more just memorising which parts go where.
kezia - protest the hero
modes are a social construct
The first Rage Against the Machine album. It even makes me pick up the bass sometimes, which is something I rarely do nowadays

And yeah, the Wall is right up there too

EDIT: oh, and Blood Sugar Sex Magik!!

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Pantera Cowboys from hell.Serious riffage and incredible solos

Smashing pumpkins Mellon collie and siamease dream espically soma all 4 or 5 guitars parts in particular.

As much as Billy corgan is a bit of a twat he is one under appreciated guitarist.Can seriously write some complex material.
There is a lot to learn in the Wall for sure. For me I've always been meaning to finish nailing down the sax lines on Soul Station (Hank Mobley)
all the best.
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The only album I ever wanted to be able to play perfectly was Bert Jansch's debut LP.
No rock album, ever.
I do really love some rock albums, but not so as I'd want to play the whole thing note for note.
The Wall? meh.... not my favourite Floyd.

Tom Waits Raindogs, maybe... but really I just wanted to be in that band, playing anything.....

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ugh the things i'd do to play with tom waits
modes are a social construct
For me it would probably be "Incredible Jazz Guitar" by Wes Montgomery and "Question and Answer" by Pat Metheny. Incredible musicianship on both those records. I've nailed a few tunes from them, but it is a ton of work perfecting a song and learning to play someone elses solos with the same feel/articulation/phrasing as them.

But it pays off, i think i've learned most about playing jazz and music from trying to imitate other players really well. Helped me develop my own voice.
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ugh the things i'd do to play with tom waits

Murder Marc Ribot?

Or just break his fingers?

(I'm tempted to say he sounds like he's playing with broken fingers anyway, but he's my hero! Oh, apart from your good self, of course .)
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