My progress recently seem to have plateaued and I can't seem to figure out a good practice schedule as I would like to have different things to work on each day because I would usually practice the same stuff almost everyday.

I have been playing guitar for a year but the first few months I was just playing aimlessly. However, over the next few months I went on to learning the basics. I memorized all the notes on the fretboard. Learned simple chords like the major, minor open chords and power chords. I started working on being able to play major and minor bar chords with the 6th string root recently, though at the moment there is still a lot of buzzes as I am still trying to figure out the best way to hold the chord cleanly and efficiently. And over the past half a year or so I can't seem to get my open chord changes to be smooth and quick.

At the moment I am trying to focus on rhythm related stuff as I would like to be good at rhythm playing first before working on lead stuff like scales etc. I have also been thinking of learning basic theory like what makes a chord and the CAGED system(which might help me understand scales better in the future). And usually I would find a way to apply what I learn musically eg. finding a song that I like that has bar chords

So if you have idea what else I could add to my practice schedule please leave a reply
My routine looks like this most days:
- Spend 10 minutes warming up on scales and chord changes to wake up the hands and find my precision. I focus on playing cleanly and don't work on speed until everything is clean and tidy.

- Spend 30 minutes or so fleshing out a new song or songs. Sometimes it goes quickly and sometimes it is excruciatingly slow. Stay in it every day until you make that song your bitch. Always work on new stuff that interests you.

- spend the next 20-30 minutes playing songs I know just to knock the rust off and have some fun with them. This sometimes stretches into hours jamming with tracks.

If you do this every day you will move forward and have fun with your guitar at the same time. Set a personal goal to learn all the scales and all the chords in 1 year. It can be done and it will transform your playing.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
I found that it is absolutely crucial to warm up for up to thirty minutes with scales, chord changes, and practically anything you can do to loosen up before you start on your practice regimen - especially if your fingers feel stiff. Don't start full blast at first. Start off slow and build up from there.