I have bought and paid for Tabs HD and saved lots of favourites. Now I can't access those favourites unless I subscribe to a free trial for a monthly or lifetime subscription. That is like holding a gun to your customer's head. It is wrong. Anyone else having the same issue?
I think you are referring to having purchased a subscription in a app on your tablet or phone and having trouble accessing the tabs on the website. If this is the case it's because the app and website are two separate subscriptions.

I don't know why Ultimate Guitar has done it this way but that's they way they chose to do it.
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Thanks for that PPILUK. It is within the app that I bought where I am having the issue. I can still access tabs on the website but you don't have the great features within the appvailable. It is bizarre and I think I will just bin it and go elsewhere.
I am an U.G. Lifetime member and now I can't access all my saved favourites. What is going on?