I know this topic has been done to death. I am torn between a epiphone les paul standard or a vintage v100. I was thinking when its time to upgrade the pick ups which is what I want to do which would be better for me EMG or seymour duncans.
I like to play alot of different music which leans more towards rock/heavy rock. I like Arctic Monkeys, Pantera, Slayer, Led Zeppelin, The Strokes, Iron Maiden, Blink 182, Dead Kennedys, The Ramones. Alot of different music at the moment I am loving playing pantera stuff the most but that could change tomorrow and ill want to play nirvana a bunch. Which pick ups would be better for me.
What amp do you have? I think SDs would probably be better for most of those bands (though without referring to specific models the question's pretty useless), and simpler to install, but if your amp is in the same price range as those guitars the difference will probably be underwhelming.
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As k33n said, you should tell us which amp do you have, as it is far more important than pickups.

To answer your question, I would vote for SDs, but again, it really depends on the model. There are tons of SDs and tons of EMGs.

I don't like EMGs myself. They are kind of a one trick pony, and since you're playing many different styles, maybe SDs would be a bit more versatile.

But this is generally speaking. We need info on your amp and which model of EMGs or SDs you would like to put on your guitar.

If you can go to a store and try a guitar with EMGs and another with SDs (and other brands as well, like Dimarzio), it would be best.
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