I'm going to a company Christmas party with a bunch of raucous guys, and every year they make the new guys sing a song.

So I figured instead of singing an embarrassing a-Capella tune with the other new guy, we could sing a funny/dirty/classic song that would get the guys going while we drink.

Songs we considered were - The Hanukkah Song, Kiss Me I'm Sh!tfaced and The SNL Christmas song.

It'll be just me and another guy singing and I'll play acoustic guitar

Let's hear some suggestions!
Fairytale of New York by the Pogues is the only Christmas song. What you're doing sounds incredibly stupid though.
I Love To Say Fuck by the Murderdolls.
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The Vandals - Hang myself from the tree
You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore
Fuck Christmas by FEAR.

the lyrics are really easy.
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause.

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Fuck Christmas by FEAR.

the lyrics are really easy.

Damn you. Beat me to it.
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TS it sounds like you're being hazed. I'm not sure if you should be hanging around with these boys.