So it's been far too long since I completely recorded a track and put it up here. This one was influenced by a progressive metal band called Teramaze, and a black metal band by the name of Der Weg Einer Freiheit. I used Positive Grid Bias Amp for the guitars/bass and Superior Drummer for the percussion. Feel free to ask me any other questions regarding the mix/recording process or the music itself. Let me know what's good and bad, particularly in the mix since that's what I'm aiming to improve on. Finally, I'm more than happy to critique other tracks regardless of genre, so please don't hesitate if you think our styles are too far apart.
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I felt that throughout the track you created a great ambient mood, which is sometimes a good trait in the Black Metal genre. The tone of the lead guitars in the track felt a bit out of place, and detracted a bit from the overall ambience created by the other instruments in my opinion. The chords and overall feel of the track from 1:09 to 1:22 was really cool and is something I feel you should expand on. I felt that the drums from 1:55 to 2:09 felt very out of place, and that the track would be better with a different usage of the drums. Overall, I feel that the track didn't feel that it was going somewhere, but there were some very good parts, like the ones I mentioned above. But I feel that the tune needs some more progression.

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This first few seconds sound good, but then the guitars that came in on top briefly didn't go with the song in my opinion. Overall this was way more mellow than I anticipated (not a complaint, a compliment); in some ways it reminded me of the Police for the first couple of minutes. I liked most of the guitar riffs. Overall audio quality was pretty good. Please review my music at this link:

Yo dude.

I like this one. The mood is set real nice, and its quite different to most stuff I hear on here. My main gripe though is with your choice in guitar tones. Do you EQ your guitars or leave them natural from the amp? I ask because they are really trebly and really distorted. When it comes to recording, most guitarists dont actually use that much gain. Im talking 6 at most. It makes playing difficult parts more hard, but trust me, the mellow tone is worth it. As far as mix goes, drums are a tad loud. I use Superior Drummer too. Some compression and EQ can really bring the drums out without having to make them so loud.

Otherwise dude, good effort and keep writing

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First off nice guitar. This song of yours has great build up it gives me that sense of hopelessness which is what I want with this kind of music. Great clean tone, the distorted rhythm guitar tone sounds great also. But god damn that lead guitar tone needs to be EQed better for recording, the solo beginning at 2:50 has great phrasing and melodic flow good job. Drums could be mixed louder. Overall this has a lot of potential some great ideas here, keep it up

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First of all, I want to thank all of you for your opinions, I do genuinely consider them (whether I agree or not is a different story though, ).

@wyldelife: 1:09 to 1:22 is repeated and expanded on later in the track where the chord progression is further extended just before the refrain near the three minute mark. Haha, blast beats are love, blast beats are life. That's the peak of the song IMO, and doing something less intense would make it lose that edge.

@aaron aardvark: Thanks, it certainly isn't my heaviest I've written, but I like it all the same. Can't say I listen to The Police, nor much of the classics in general. How would you change the sound of the leads? Is it the melody itself? Or perhaps you're referring to the tone?

@TommyGunUk: You must be new to Black Metal, grainy and treble-heavy sounds are common. If you think the sounds of bands like Der Weg Einer Freiheit are harsh like my sounds, then I would say I've done a good job. As for the sound itself, I used a Soldano model, which is typically a VERY high gain amp/sim. The gain was only about 6 (which is typical for more "cleaner" sounding metal bands in general), I've been writing/recording music for a while so I know not to scoop the mids and put the gain at 10.

On a more formal note, generally I have the bass at about 11 o'clock, mids at about
2:30 and treble at about 12:30. mids are the most prominent frequency range, as a guitar should be (if a rhythm setting anyway). For leads, I put a high and low pass filter on them to let bass and cymbals pass through the mix, then I pulled out a few select frequencies in order to get the snare and rhythms through as well. The Q of these BPFs were very low so it doesn't affect a large range of frequencies. I've already compressed the living daylights out of the percussion without introducing any pumping effects, so I could just bring it down a tad.

@Fourfourforever: Judging by the fact that one person says they are too loud and another too soft, I'll say I got things just about right. Just curious to both of you, what kind of monitors/headphones are you listening on? I mixed on some KRK Rokit RP5s and also checked how the mix sounded on my regular computer speakers. It seems to be a recurring theme that my lead tone sucks, how should I improve it exactly? I know the tone is more something akin to a Progressive Metal band but the style and rhythms are more like Black Metal, so how do I fix this clash? I'm genuinely curious. I had a little play with it earlier this night but wasn't satisfied with anything but minute changes.