Hey guys!

I would apprectiate if you could check out this new song my band and I made. It's an excerpt that consists of a chorus, bridge and a conclusion. Let me know what you think and if you want me to comment on your thing. Cheers!

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@wyldelife: Hey thanks for your critique on my piece. Here are my thoughts on this excerpt.

Overall, I thought it was very good, I feel the mix needs a little more mid-range for a stronger punch but I assume this is a demo, so no worries at this point. I really like the vocals, they're much cleaner than most Sludge vocalists such as Matt Pike from High on Fire (one of my favourite Sludge bands). Still Sludge, but closer to a Power/Heavy Metal vocalist if you ask me. It's a nice mix. The riffs are very tasty/catchy and the lead starting around the minute mark segues nicely by playing an octave above the main riff. I thought the transitions towards the end (~1:25)) were a bit uh... non-existent? Sorry, don't take it the wrong way, I'm used to slow builds these days. I think you could remedy this by using the same tom-based pattern the drummer plays in the previous section before changing over. Either way, try playing with the drums a bit before these sections to see what works.
Yo dude,

The vocals are mean, probably my favourite aspect of the song. The drums sound a bit weak, did you record them each with seperate mics or have 1 mic and a kick mic? I would strongly recommend investing in a full set of drum mics and EQing each drum. The difference it makes is colossal, and honestly it can make a track. Compression certainly doesnt go amiss either. The guitar sounds cool, but is a bit quiet. As far as song writing goes, it sounds cool. The breakdown is cool, but a bit typical. I would say decorate it a bit to make it more you, so like ghost notes in drums, overlays, whatever you can think of.

Overall, dece track, keep writing yo

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Yeah good song here the vocals are kicking along fine all the playing is good. The riff starting at 34 seconds makes me want to get it on with a dirty blonde redneck girl in the back of a ford F-150. The solo is good but needs to jump out in the mix more. The drums really take over to much starting at 1:38 the rhythm guitar needs to be brought up in to the mix louder throughout. But this song is gold to my ears good job.

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Thanks for the crit man!

Unfortunately, this kind of music is not quite my style. Thst said, I really liked the change in feel around the :40 mark. And even I cant deny thats a badass headbanger of a riff. The harmony guitar that comes in is real crunchy, and its cool that it goes off on a mini solo instead of staying on the riff. Not my genre, but I could imagine this going over well to the right crowd.