Paper Shadows

Like Origami pieces folded into place,
Stitching our shadows into one,
Where darkness gives way to imagination,
How deep to these bounds extend?
Keep trouble faded into our lighted masquerade of silhouettes in the sun,
Laughing behind our backs these shadows come undone.

We're living wrong,
We've got it all wrong,
Hang our hardships on the line to dry,
Make troubles a shadow of a past self,
Thrive in the light,
Keeping a firm grip on happiness.

Not long after now,
Forgetting how to be selfish,
Because your chlorophyll flourishes from this organic nourishment,
The beams you inspire through me,
We're quick on the draw but never needy.

If the tear rips the stitches,
We can be sewn together again,
We're in our best interests,
Our shadows dance even while we sleep,
This trance we will keep.

Lean on me to keep your balance baby,
When dreams take your crutch,
I know you now like the wind through these emerald blades,
Craving your touch.

(Fight the currents and the breeze when it cuts like daggers,
Hidden pain in our shadows;
We're past it and feel no need to stagger)

Even though i can't see from all the angles,
The call of your name silences my demons,
I Love you for the way you dance with my angels,
Looking at your face i can feel the meaning.