Hey guys,

I'm looking to sell my Mesa Boogie Caliber .50 Plus, but since it's a really old model I don't know what price to ask for, even after looking online. I bought it used maybe 5 years ago and don't even remember how much for. Maybe something around $350. Do you guys have any idea how much this thing goes for these days?


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if it is in good shape then $500 would be a decent starting price
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Look Up link in my sig will also pick up Craigslist ads but you've got a good start. If you paid $350 I'd say that is a great price for what you paid. You should make a profit no problem.

Why are you selling it?
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A "no issues" 50 Cal is worth $500 all day long. Less if it is torn up, abused, or has deferred maintenance issues (old tubes, broken controls etc.). It's a pretty great rock amp from the 90s. Good luck.

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